The Procrastination List

Okay, so I know that I have been off the blogging radar for a little while. 
345 days to be exact. :| Don't judge. 
Yeaahhh, so the "I-am-to-busy-to-write-a-blog" and "I-have-writer's-block" train left loooonnngg ago, and the little voice in the back of my head yelling "lazy!" has found a comfortable spot next to my tiny mental list of things to do and my long list of things to procrastinate. 
Blogging was one of those procrastinations. So here are five reasons why I procrastinate blogging:

Because Writer's Block is a Legit Problem

Iv'e got a Blank Space

Reading\watching Harry Potter or Blog 

Little sis and I just finished the Harry Potter series and we are binging. 
So I have been struggling with the decision of watching Harry Potter or writing a blog. 
I can't do both. I have tried and failed. 
Every. Single. Time. 


When I write a blog I feel like I am just repeating myself in different ways. :P

The struggle is real

My Responsible Mother

My mom has a blog as well. She is very good about keeping up with hers. But if I write a blog about the "Construction", "The Crazy Construction", or "Homeschool Probs", she has already published the blog. That is what I get for letting my mother be responsible! Or for me being lazy. 
I have heard it both ways. :P

The Cell Phone

Enough said

Manners Matter

I have been going through this phase in my teen years (Well, maybe just my teen months... =)),
that I have started to notice when someone doesn't have simple manners. 

So here are my top picks for manners that matter:
(I may or may not be guilty of a few... =))

Just wait one cotton-pickin' minute
My mom has told me over 100 times to wait to eat until everybody else has their food. 
I'm pretty sure by the time I hit the double-digits this was a habit. 
A while ago, I had a friend who sat down at the food court and started eating without waiting for the rest of our group to get their food. I mean, full-on-dive-in-without-taking-a-breather eating. 
I didn't no what to do except watch. 
My mom came over and said to me,"Thank you for not eating yet." 
My friend looked at mom with food-stuffed cheeks,
then looked back down at her plate and begin again! 

Please & Thank You.
Is this so hard?
If my friend's mom buys me dinner or FroYo, I hope I always remember to say "Thank you". I say "Thank you" because I appreciate them for buying me a meal! Along the same lines, I don't expect them to pay, either. I offer to pay for my own food, and if they are nice enough to pay for me, the least I could do is be grateful.

It's Your World and I'm Just Living in it
This is a phrase we use when someone is just plain inconsiderate.
A pet peeve of mine is when someone reaches across the table. 
Just recently, we had some friends over for dinner. The girl my age stood up, and reached over Mom's plate to get some potatoes. 
My mom could have bit her arm like a corn-on-the-cob. It was ridiculous. 
I was speechless. 
It is alien in my house to do something like that.
And, may God save your soul if you touch food on someone else's plate.

I have recently overcome this little problem. 
Seriously, it was bad. 
I would try my hardest not to do it... then BAM! I slurped. 
It was kinda embarrassing...
Let's all help each other out.
No need to slurp.

We all are guilty of some of these one way or another.
What are your problems?

Sunk: A Short Story

Here is a fictional story I wrote for school.
I hope you enjoy it!
Photo Cred: My Dad.

10:00 A.M.
(Present day)
I am currently sitting in my hospital bed. There are three bottles of water sitting next to me. The nurse wants them empty when she gets back. The trauma counselor told me to write everything that happened in the last twenty-four hours. So here's what happened . . .
8 A.M. Yesterday
         My brown hair whipped in my face as we went farther off the coast of Marathon Key, Florida. I was with my dad and best friend, Jamie. The sun was just rising and the wind was picking up. Jamie and I were so excited to finally get our SCUBA certifications. We got to take the class as part of our thirteenth birthday presents.
         “Ellie! Are you ready?” Jamie asked. Her once blonde hair is now brown from getting sprayed by the warm water.
 “Not yet!”
         “Get your gear on!” Dad yelled. He already had his gear on. I helped Jamie into hers; she helped me with mine. Mom expected us to be home by noon. 
So I hoped time would slow down while we had fun.  
         We rolled back into the warm water, with Ray, our quintessential Florida Keys boat captain, calling out to us, “Have a good dive!” Ray looked up to see some gray clouds. I noticed them too, but the weather report said only a light rain. And it’s fun to watch it rain under water.
         I dunked my head under and swam around in the beautiful, turquoise water. What happened during our dive was really fun . . .
Dad was taking pictures of some brightly colored coral; Jamie was trying to get minnows out of her wetsuit (I almost lost my regulator trying to laugh) and I was holding a sleeping Angel Fish. That was probably the coolest thing I had ever done. It was a perfect dive.
10:00 A.M.
Scaring a stingray was not on my bucket list. I went down to clear my mask, my knees hit the face of the sleeping ray, and I almost got stung. Dad decided to call the dive off and we had to surface after the ray decided I was a predator and tried to sting me.
         Jamie and I both released a small, high-pitched scream when we saw something 
we never want to see again.   
         The boat was on fire.
         I had never seen anything like it. And I don’t want to again. Ray wasn’t anywhere to be seen. 
Did he make it?  
         “Ellie,” Jamie said, she pointed up to the dark, angry clouds that were making a 
         horrific grumbling sound.
         “Let’s swim to shore, then we will call the coast guard.” Dad said calmly. Which didn’t help Jamie at all, she looked like she might have had a heart attack, and her brown eyes might pop out of her head.
(2 hours since boat sunk.)
         The pounding rain felt like ice cubes being dropped on us. Lightning was flashing every thirty seconds (ugh!), and thunder rolling. To make things better, an hour before we had gotten caught in a current, with empty tanks. We had to let some weights go, so we could keep afloat.
         Jamie and I were both crying, but she was hysterical. Dad knew that Jamie was the most sensitive one here. So I had to stop crying so she would stop.
We had tried everything to get out of that current with the same result: Failed.
        5:00 P.M.
(5 hours since boat sunk)

We were all hungry, dehydrated, and exhausted.
         “Dad, are we going to be on I Shouldn’t Be Alive?” I asked trying to make a joke.
         “Maybe.” Not the answer I was expecting.
         Jamie was seriously crying out of fright. I might too, again.
         “It’s okay, girls. God is going to get us outta here.”
         “What else c-could we-do?” Jamie asked, trying to stop crying.
         “Be strong and courageous,” Dad answered.
         “What?” I asked.
         “A verse that could help us all right now is Joshua 1:9. It says, ‘be strong and courageous. Know that the Lord is with you wherever you go.”
         “Wherever I go,” I whispered.  
         “Let’s all pray” Dad said. We all moved together in a little huddle.
         “Dear Heavenly Father, please help me be strong and courageous during this tough time right now, Lord. Please help us return home safely. You are with us wherever we go Lord,” I prayed.
         “Dear Lord, please let us know it was you who got us out of the problem, Lord. And that we need to put our trust in you, and that we do need to be strong and courageous, God. I don’t know how this will be apart of Your plan but we know that it will affect our lives in some way that is more than we could ever imagine. 
Amen.”Jamie prayed.
8:00 P.M.
(12 hours since we got on the boat)
We were all seriously dehydrated and hungry. The rain had stopped thank the Lord! But we were still adrift in the middle of nowhere. 
“When I get out of here, I am going to get the largest pepperoni pizza there is. With a large Diet Coke,” Jamie said dreamily. Which meant she feels as lot better.
I laughed.  
“First two large cups of water,” Dad said, reminding us that we are dehydrated.
“You do that,” I said. “I am going to get as many chocolate chip cookies on the planet!” I declared.
“Ellie, you know the Bible also says to share,” Dad said.
“Well . . . I’ll pass.” I said with a laugh.
11:30 P.M.
(15.5 hours in the water)
         The current stopped out of nowhere. It was crazy! It was like it hit a wall. We just floated there for a second to wait for help.
 “Uh-h-h-h . . .” Jamie groaned. “I am feeling so hungry!” She said in a singsong voice.
 I laughed.
         “Listen.” Dad said. Then we saw it. That was the happiest moment of my life. A helicopter flew directly over us.
         “Hey! Down here!” We were all yelling.
After a few minutes, which felt like hours, they threw down a ladder
“Thank you, Lord!”
There was laughing and shouts of joy from all of us. Our tired limbs found enough energy to carry up all our gear into the helicopter.  
         “Are you okay?” A lady asked. She handed us all bottles of water. Dad chugged his down first. The cold water felt glorious.
          “What time is it?” Dad asked.
         “We were stranded for twelve hours in a current after our boat sunk.” I piped up. 
There was complete silence.
1:00 P.M.
(Present day)
         Jamie and I are sharing a hospital room. We are watching I Love Lucy and eating pizza and chocolate chip cookies. Don’t judge us!
         I don’t know where Dad is; he’s in another room. But I will seem him soon.
         Turns out, Ray, the boat captain was able to call for the Coast Guard before the boat went down. But when the Coast Guard arrived, the storm already started and we had floated away.
I just finished the last bottle of water out of the three, and my hands hurt from writing the story. In a few hours, I am going home; I would be excited if I wasn't so tired. I pray that our story will impact people, encourage them to pray. I can’t wait to see what the Lord does with it. 

The Sin in My Backpack

There is sin in my backpack. 
It’s called Homework. 
The devil created it so that he can bring sadness and anger into our lives. 
Yes, I am homeschooled. But we take homeschool classes. That requires a backpack, which carries the school books, and that brings the dreaded homework. 

<It is getting close to the end of the year and I am ready for Summer!>

My Teacher (Mom) hates me. Period. Some how satan wiggled that sin into teachers' minds, making them think, “We hate our students. Let’s pile sin and more sin on them. 
Forcing the kids to do something called….let’s call it homework! 
We can ruin their nights and weekend by it!"

*Evil laugh fills the room*. 

Can’t you picture that. I have heard that public schoolers have more homework than I do. 
I have to say that…I am sorry I am not sorry that you have more homework. 
And by the way, sin is still sin people. 
It is still sin. That is all.                                                                        

Isn't it hideous!?

I am so glad school is almost over! Over the summer, we still do a little bit of math... :/ 
But at least it is at least 20 minutes long and not in my backpack. 

My Dream Dinner

If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be?

I have been asked this question by parents. I am not sure if they are testing my homeschooler knowledge on historical people, or if they are trying to see if I have enough social skills to be around  their kids... so I answer honestly: 

"If I could have dinner with anyone it would be 
Barney Fife from The Andy Griffith Show." 

Absolutely. And not Don Knotts, just Barney. =)  He is no doubt my favorite character from the 60s. The Andy Griffith Show is one of my faves. Still, even over Andy Griffith himself, Barney Fife is my favorite. His facial expressions are priceless, and his elaborate plans to stop a crime or create one are just hilarious. I would ask what drives him to do his crazy schemes. We would also go to Johnson's BBQ. My absolute favorite restaurant in the history of the universe. 
My mother is embarrassed that my dream dinner is with Barney Fife. 
I don't know why. He is awesome.   

Photo Credit: Screenshot from Netflix.

Don't judge. He is legit.
Now those of you who understand my choice... (Numbers 6:24) "May the LORD bless you and keep you!"

Can you see, people? Why he would be is my choice?

If you could have dinner with anyone, who would you choose and why?

Tri New Things

         This year, my family and I are trying new things. We are running a Triathlon. Yay! Our family deal was that if we run a triathlon as a family, no time limit or anything. Just do it without dying, we can take a family vacation to our favorite beach in Florida. Okay. So doing it! We have until the end of April to train for it.

After a swim workout with mom.

          Maddy and I want to go to Florida. We will get to spend a week at the beach, and see our friends. The beach is worth the pain of running to triathlon. When Mom and Dad first asked me to run one...? Mmm... I don't think so. I needed this push to help encourage me to go for it.
           I think we all need a push. No doubt. Dad was training for this race voluntarily. He encouraged us by just going out and exercising. He didn't force us or anything.  Mom jumped in with it. Being the awesome parents that they are, they were encouraging me not to be lazy.
          Running. I hate it. Worst type of activity there is. A triathlon is a swim/bike/run. Swimming, that will be easy. Biking, not worried. Me + Running = Disaster. So... I'm worried. The kids distance  triathlon is a 150 meter swim (6 laps). Okay, for me that's easy. 2 mile bike. Fine. 1 mile run. After the swimming and biking, they are asking me to run 1 mile. 1 mile. For some people that is easy. Definitely not for me. I don't know whether or not I can do that without having to stop and rest. So when I run, I have to deal with Mom saying over and over, "You are more than a conquerer." Okay, we are more than conquerers. When I am running, I don't feel more than a conquerer.
            Dad ran 6 miles a while ago. I don't know how he did it. But he did. Mom ran 3 miles the other day. They keep their eyes on the prize. I keep my eyes on my pain. It's good to know that you have something to look forward to after the race. What is pushing me is my family and the prize. It's hard. But I know I will feel accomplished once it is over.
           I encourage everybody to try things that you don't think you can accomplish. It will be hard, but keep your eyes on the prize and not the difficulties of it all.
        Are you trying something new? How is it working out?